Surfboard Repair

Quality Board Repairs That Last

Since the beginning, Warm Winds has have offered surfboard repair service as an essential service. With decades of experience behind us, we will be sure to bring your damaged board back to like - on time and done right. Our service wait list can become lengthy at times (especially during peak summer), so just be sure to give us a shout at the shop before you bring the board by.

So... the age old much does it cost for us to fix a board? Well, that's a loaded questions and varies for each board and each repair. It is hard to give quotes over the phone as well, so just bring the board by the shop and talk to one our boardroom experts to receive an estimate.

We turn out a high volume of repairs out of the tiny repair room we have down in the board room. Because of this, it's super important that your repaired board be picked up as soon as the repair is completed. This helps keep the wait time shorter for others that are on the waiting list. If this may be a problem, please let us know ahead of time and we will do our best to find a solution.

Please call ahead or contact us about repairs. Due to increase in volume, we cannot accept walk up repairs - or hold onto damaged boards.

Want to try it yourself?

Have a minor ding that you want to try to fix yourself? We carry all the materials that are necessary to complete any sort of repair. Check out our simple guide to surfboard repair by clicking the link below, and be sure to give us a call with any questions!


Surfboard Building and Repair Materials

We carry all of the materials you need to repair a surfboard, including:
Polyester + Epoxy Ding Kits
Suncure resin and additive
Epoxy Puddy
Polyester Resin by the gallon + quart
4 oz + 6 oz Fiberglass cloth by the yard
Fin Rope
Q-cell by the tub
MEKP Catalyst (3 dif. sizes)
Leash Cups
Finboxes (most types)
and more!