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Welcome to Warm Winds Surf Camps!

This is not your typical summer school experience!

From riding waves under the backdrop of the historic Narragansett Towers, to exploring the Narrow River and identifying critters, our goal is to engage each camper in activities that stimulate their mind and ultimately leave them stoked on the ocean environment and full of great memories.

Our team of instructors are passionate about surfing and the ocean environment, and are driven to share the thrill and enthusiasm of catching waves with the campers.

In just one week at surf camp, we’re confident that your camper will learn a great deal about the ocean environment and experience the stoke that riding waves can create.

Warm Winds Surf Camps runs weekly starting in late June and running through the end of August at Narragansett Town Beach.

Camp sessions run Monday thru Thursday, with Fridays reserved as the make-up day. 

We Teach MORE Than Surfing...

Warm Winds takes a unique approach to teaching kids to surf, introducing the sport of surfing, the surf lifestyle, and the science behind waves, wind and surfboard design.

Topics Included:

Surfing Essentials: Paddling, Catching Waves, Popping Up, etc.

Sun + Surf Safety: Basic Ocean Safety, Surf Etiquette, Rip Currents, Sunscreen, etc.

Surf Science: How waves form, Different types of breaks, Wind basics, etc.

Surfboard Design: Different Shapes, Parts of a Surfboard, Surfboard Construction, Etc.

Surfing Lifestyle: Surf travel, Competitions, Beach Cleanups, Etc.

Advanced Coaching: Riding Down the Line, Proper Timing, Body Positioning, Etc.

And much more!

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About Narragansett Town Beach

39 Boston Neck Rd, Narragansett, Rhode Island

NTB is a classic New England saltwater coastal beach front that offers some of the best, cleanest and accessible beach conditions for the residents and tourist in New England. It also offers a wide variety of waves, and is one of the best places to learn how to surf in Rhode Island. Need help timing your visit? Check out our local guide!