Winter Wetsuit Guide 2023/24

Winter’s coming quick! Water temps are already on the downward turn in New England. 

Time to rummage through our wetsuit bins to look for matching boots, gloves, and of course the trusty winter suit.

Dang - still have that tear on leg of the 5/4. Swore I was going to fix that.. 

Where's that left bootie?

Hey alexa - how can I fix a crotch leak on my wetsuit?

Whatever the situation is, this write up should help you get you up to speed on what’s new in the wetsuit world for when it's time to pony up for a fresh wetsuit. 

Before we dive in, let me ask you this.

What’s most important for you in a wetsuit?

Warmth, flex, durability, sustainability, bang for your buck?

There’s a lot of variables and everyone values something different. Which is why when you ask your friends what suit you should get, they’ll probably give you different answers.

We’re not going to try to sell you on one specific suit or brand, but instead guiding you to what suit might fit your values most. 

Decide on what you want most out of a winter suit, then picking the right one becomes a helluva lot easier. 



The O’Neill Psychotech has all the bells and whistles. A great blend of durability, warmth, and flex. You won’t find a better engineered suit than this one - which is why it's been a staff favorite over the last several years. 



The hyperfreak is one of the lightest and most flexible winter wetsuits we’ve laid our hands on (at a killer price point to boot). We have the suit available for everyone, and also offer it in a hooded 4/3 option!

PATAGONIA R4 5.5/4.5 - $609


This line of Patagonia wetsuits is the most environmentally friendly on the market. We’re stoked to align with Patagonia as they continue to push formore sustainable surf industry. Not only do they care about what goes into their new products, they stand behind their wetties with an ironclad guarentee...



The Flashbomb Heatseeker is the ultimate update to the ever popular Flashbomb. A little heavier on the wallet then the OG Flashbomb, but worth it if staying extra toasty is your main motive.



The Flash Bomb is a staple in the boardroom. Warmer than most winter suits in the market thanks to E7 rubber + flash lining from ankle to hood. Pair that with super quick drying and stretchy rubber, and you've got a great all around winter suit.



The Dawn Patrol 5/4 is an incredible value winter suit that will take you through a full RI winter on the cheap.

HOPEFULLY this little guide helped you get some insight on your next suit. All suits are in stock and available at Warm Winds. 

Feel free to reach out to one of our boardroom crew if you have questions. We all surf year round here in New England, and have tried most of what's listed on this guide! 

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