The Quadhog Review
A Modern Mini Simmons from Warm Winds

Super stoked to introduce the newest small wave weapon to the Warm Winds range - the Quadhog.

This hard-shelled surfboard excels in small mushy waves, when you would normally resort to the log.

At about half the size, this board has the easy paddling, cruisey nature of a longboard. But, thanks to the much shorter size you can take off a steeper, turn a bit quicker, and ultimately have more fun when the waves are uninspiring.

But don’t be fooled! The Quadhog can also handle some good surf too!

Let’s take a look under the shell and see what the Quadhog is all about.

Quadhog dims
TL/DR: Fast, Loose, Skatey, FUN!


Drawing inspiration from the classic Mini Simmons, the Quadhog is a stumpy + wide board.

Every aspect of the design was meant to make paddling easy, increase speed down the line and keep the board loose and maneuverable. A bit of tall order…

Wide nose for easy paddling, and wide tail speed and stability.

The width also translates to straight parallel rails, which facilitate speed, stability and trim. Elongates the wide point of the board, effectively increasing the surface area. This also allows you to ride them much shorter than any other shortboard.

With the added width in the tail the Quadhog really comes alive once you get to your feet - wanting to zip down the line.

quadhog deck
The topside of a 5'2 Quadhog

The big difference between our take and the retro mini’s is the thickness/foil. First thing you notice when you grab hold of this thing is the nice, thin 60/40 down rail. We also really thinned out the nose.

This ultimately gives the board more range especially when the wave has a face to it, keeping the rail from catching or bogging as you might feel on other alternative craft. We wanted to have a feeling of control when flying down the line!

We also domed the deck a bit to keep those rails from feeling too boxy. 

Low, fishy rocker intended to make paddling and wave catching a breeze.

quadhog bottom
The business side of a 5'2 Quadhog

The bottom is where the magic happens...

Slight roll/belly in the nose to displace water and give the ability for steeper faces/later drops. 

This blends to a shallow double concave through the middle of the board (under your front foot) improving it's ability to go rail to rail. 

It also helps add a good balance of drive and maneuverability with it being such a wide board.

Vee out the tail adds more of that rail to rail mobility under your back foot. 

The Quadhog is a Mini Simmons shape that you can actually rip!!!

Designed exclusively as a Futures quad setup, we wanted to give the Quadhog a bit more control than traditional keel Mini Simmons by adding a couple more fins.

We had the Machado Quad in mind when making the board, so give those a try! Any other good split keel will also work, like the Futures Controllers, NVS Album Fascination quad, or Futures Flow quad.

quadhog fins
Recommended fins - Machado Split Keel Quad


Like their bi-valve brothers 🦪, the Quadhog prefers saltwater and are often found lingering between sub-tidal and inter-tidal zones 

Small Waves make the Quadhog happy.

When waves are knee to waist high,  the Quadhog shines. 

The design makes generating speed effortless, and allows you to gain enough speed to turn on even the flattest faces. 

But, don’t be fooled - the Quadhog can also handle some juice!

Adding the belly nose, with a touch of nose rocker and upturn in the rail allow for some later takeoffs / steeper drops. 

May not be the best option for overhead beaches, but chest to head high points all day long! 

There are so many good spots here in Narragansett that come to mind.

Don't be afraid to push the Quadhog to it's limits!


If you want to make catching waves a little easier - then the Quadhog is for you.

If you get bored riding the longboard sometimes and looking for something to turn, the Quadhog is for you.

If you enjoy riding fast and skatey boards, the Quadhog is most definitely for you.

Really, the Quadhog is for anyone that wants to have fun and experience a new feeling in the water!



custom quadhog
Order a custom Quadhog!


We love building surfboards, and would be stoked to make a custom Quadhog for you!

If you're not digging the colors we have in stock, or want something with your own flavor - give us a shout. 

We don't charge an extra fee, and encourage you to bring us your ideas. 


quadhog logo

Big ups to shaper James Coleson and his crew at the factory for bringing our ideas to life!

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