The Dumpster Diver 2 is Here!
Dane Reynold's new small wave weapon

We're stoked to announce that the much-anticipated Channel Islands Dumpster Diver 2 has just landed at Warm Winds!

We first heard rumblings of it at a small wave support group this fall, and knew we needed to get it in the boardroom. Not only because my favorite surfer, Dane, is behind it - but because of how versatile this thing is for New England surf.

A resurrection of one our our best selling shortboard models of all time - the Dumpster Diver.


The OG Dumpster Diver

The OG cult favorite, dumpster diver first came on the scene back in 2009, and was a weird little shape. At the time, small wave shortboards, for the most part, were wide nosed and looked more like a fish.

The idea was that Dane wanted a board that was short and fat but surfed (and would get scored during contests) like a shortboard.

After seeing Dane surf it, the entire surf world changed the way we approached small wave performance surfing.

The original Dumpster Diver was a magic board for surfers across New England - because, as you may know, small kine waves are the daily dose (even when it’s “good”).

It quickly became a staple in the boardroom for several years.

16 years later Dane felt it was time to resurrect the model, adding some modern design and spicing things up…


The Dumpster Diver 2

This modern update to the cult-classic DD takes everything you loved about the original and expands on it, creating a high-performance board that rips in a wider range of conditions.

Designed by Dane Reynolds himself, the Dumpster Diver 2 takes inspiration from the original's small-wave prowess and injects it with some modern magic. Here's what makes this board special:

The outline hasn’t changed much since the OG, just a touch wider here and there. It’s got a standard shortboard shape: a nice pulled in nose, plenty of curve, coming into a nice pulled in squash tail.

Dane added slight "hips" to the tail section of the DD2, which added a breaking point to loosen things up a bit. 

Wide point is just about center which helps with paddling, maintaining speed, and maneuverability off the tail. 

The Dumpster Diver 2 has the perfect rocker profile for small wave ripping. Relaxed enough to make paddling easy + maintain speed. But just enough to allow tighter, more aggressive turns that some other small wave shapes.

The board maintains the original's single concave design, but with a more subtle feel. This translates to efficient water flow, generating lift and speed for smooth planing and fast takeoffs.

The DD2 has all the ingredients for a good all around Rhode Island shortboard. Stubby and rippable! 

Dumpster Diver 2 Construction

The DD2 is available in both Spinetek and PU/Poly. 

Channel Islands' SpineTek is a unique surfboard construction that replaces the traditional wooden stringer with a lightweight fiberglass spine. This allows for more flex and responsiveness, creating a lively board that generates pop, accelerates out of turns, and maintains speed.

Spinetek is built with epoxy resin and an EPS core, adding to the lightweight + responsive feel. Not to mention a more durable option. 

Also available in the tried and true, PU/Poly build. A traditional polyurethane core with polyester resin. 

If you want it springy and lively in smaller surf, go Spinetek. The thing just wants to fly.  

If your goal is to ride it mostly when the surf picks up  - go with tried and true PU/Poly. This will also feel a bit better on windy days - which we are no stranger to here in the North East. 

Either way, with the DD2 you can’t go wrong!

Who is the Dumpster Diver 2 for + what wave types?

Given the Dumpster Divers wider outline, it will work great for a variety of skill levels. Intermediate thru Expert. 

Here in Rhode Island/New England, the DD2 will fit in the quiver between your groveler and step up. In Channel Islands terms, it fits nicely between a Bobby Quad and Happy Traveler. 

The sweet spot for the Dumpster Diver 2 is stomach to chest high surf, but can also rip in waist high surf as well as it can in head high plus. Works best in beach breaks, but I'd be hard pressed to say it wouldn't rip in point breaks. 

For an experienced surfer - the Dumpster Diver 2 can be ridden in just about anything Rhody can provide up to about 1' overhead. 

If you're more on the early intermediate side, the DD2 would be a great option for when the surf is chest high. 


Dumpster Diver 2 Dims

5'4 x 18.88 x 2.19 @ 24.1L

5'5 x 19 x 2.25 @ 25.3L

5'6 x 19.13 x 2.31 @ 26.5L

5'7 x 19.25 x 2.38 @ 27.8L

5'8 x 19.5 x 2.44 @ 29.3L

5'9 x 19.75 x 2/5 @ 30.8L

5'10 x 20 x 2.56 @ 32.4L

5'11 x 20.25 x 2.63 @ 34.0L

6'0 x 20.5 x 2.69 @ 35.7L

6'1 x 20.63 x 2.75 @ 37.2L

6'2 x 20.75 x 2.88 @39.6L

6'4 x 21.13 x 3 @43.1L

We currently have a limited run of Dumpster Diver 2's in stock here at the shop - but they are selling fast! Reserve one today by giving us a shout. We also have a backup order already in the works, so if we don't have one in stock now we will very soon! 

Join the small wave support group! Pick up a Dumpster Diver 2 today!!!

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