Summer 22 Logs
Our 7 Favorite Longboards for Summer 22

Finally summer time is in sight in New England...

Surfer’s scattered across the North East eagerly await warmer temps, beyond ready to shed the pounds of rubber we’ve been paddling around all winter.

But just as we drop the booties and reach for that 3/2, the sea goes to sleep and we’re faced with meager knee high windswells for what seems like the entire summer.

It happens every year.

For the shortboard loyalists, there are a few boards that can handle such puny waves. The Bento Box from Solid Surf being one of them.

But if you really want to make your life easier and up your wave count, a proper longboard needs to hold a spot in your quiver.

The only real way to up your wave count, and get that frothy feeling over a mid-summer session is to hop on a log.

Warm Winds Longboards 2022

Being located smack dab in the middle of a wave starved Northeast, we know a thing or two about longboards. We buy hundreds of logs each year, and out of all the boards we get our hands on - these are our picks for the top 7 logs in the boardroom.

These boards were hand picked with summer surf in mind (sub-waist high), so you won’t find any high performance logs on this list, though we do have some favorites in that category as well.

Let’s take a look at some foam!

(Don't miss our dimension comparison at the bottom of this page!)

smack dab wrv captains log


Captains Log

The Captains Log is shaped by Jordan Brazie of WRV surfboards. Jordan is one of the East Coasts up and coming shapers with unreal talent and a unique eye for shaping. The boards he makes are all about keeping surfing fun and full of soul

His #1 longboard, The Captains Log, is a traditional all around noserider that will fit your cruising needs. Wide nose and flat entry rocker make for easy paddling, plus a wide + stable square tail to help hold the board in place while you move around.

The Captains Log ... Nose concave and 50/50 rails ensure smooth noseriding

Unreal price point with a solid glass job. Can’t say enough about this Warm Winds boardroom staple!

takayama in the pink


In The Pink

Chances are you’ve heard of this model. It’s been dominating lineups around the US for decades, and is still our best selling log in the shop.

Takayama’s found along the East Coast are shaped by the legend shaper Ricky Carroll down in Florida. Ricky’s been shaping Tak’s for years, and was chosen to do so because of his attention to detail and incredible craftsmanship.

Wide nose with flat entry rocker help with paddling. But the biggest selling point of the board is it’s pulled in squash tail that pairs nicely with a 2+1 fin setup.

Enough performance to throw around some turns, but not too much that it doesn’t work in small waves.

A true everyday log that can fit in a wide variety of waves.

Catch our full breakdown of the ITP here

Honarable Mention - the Ricky Retro Tak is Ricky Carroll’s version of the ITP, with a touch of modern flair. We’ve got a few in the boardroom that are well worthy of a rub down.

cj nelson sprout



Our favorite log from the collection at Firewire surfboards, the Sprout is a collaboration between shaper Ryan Engle and pro surfer CJ Nelson.

Overall wide outline from nose to tail, with flat entry rocker to increase paddle power and glide.

50/50 Rails help the board grip mushy sections of the wave and keep you nice and stable when spending time up at the nose.

Thinned out tail that helps hold the board back in the pocket, further increasing your tip time.

The thunderbolt tech has grown on us over the last few years. A durable epoxy + carbon build in three different layups depending on what you’re looking for. Some folks want their board super light and strong, and choose Thunderbolt Black. Some want the same weight and feel as their old poly boards, but added durability, and choose Thunderbolt Silver. To each their own!

bing beacon



We consider Bing Surfboards one of the best longboard builders in the US, and it wasn’t easy choosing a favorite from them.

After some back and forth with the crew in the boardroom, we gave the nod to the Beacon for its small wave prowess and simplicity.

The beacon is a well balanced noserider. Compared to most others in the space, it has a fairly pulled in tail and a nice natural curve tail rocker. This gradual tail rocker, as opposed to an exaggerated “tail kick”, allows the board to hold through carving turns.

The bottom contours start out with a modest nose concave, reaching back just forward of center. This fades into a slight rolled vee through the back half the board.

50/50 rails, as found on many popular noseriders, helps keep the board locked in while you work your way to the tip.

All of this leads to a smooth and fluid surfing experience with the Bing Beacon.

woodin one love


One Love

The first longboard that we brought to Rhode Island from the hands of Kurtis Woodin out of Oceanside, California.

The One Love is a traditional log with healthy mix of noseriding ability and maneuverability.

The outline is a mix of a classic wide rounded dish nose with a deep single concave and a full block tail.

Its low nose rocker, wide outline, 50/50 rails, and increased tail kick makes this model work great in mushy to perfect waves.

Local longboard style master, Claire Hodson, has been riding one for a few months and loving it!

With a great glass job and super competitive pricing, the One Love is worth a look.

black rose dark horse


Dark Horse

The Black Rose line is shaped by the legend Ricky Carroll, and designed by pro surfer Justin Quintal.

The Dark Horse is really something special.. in fact it’s the model that JQ rode to his WSL Longboard title in 2019.

Thought the Dark Horse models is on the newer side, it’s anything but. Prior to launching the Black Rose MFG label, Ricky Carroll had the Justin Quintal pro model in his lineup for years.

The Dark Horse has similar features to what we see in some of the other noseriders, but is a bit more refined and thinned out in the rails.

Overall the board is pretty wide and flat, making it excel at paddling and maintaining trim through soft, flatter waves.

Generous nose concave transitions into a relatively flat bottom contour.

The result is a user friendly noserider that will get your noseriding to the next level.

stewart tipster



The Tipster from Bill Stewart of Stewart Surfboards has become another staple in our boardroom.

The Tipster is all about optimizing lift and stability, so you feel extra comfy when you’ve got both feet up towards the tip.

Featuring a wide nose with a moderate nose concave, transitioning to a flat bottom to help you fly through slow sections.

One of the most unique features of the board is the exaggerated tail rocker. This allows you to pivot the board with ease (when back on the tail), and also locks the tail in when you’re walking up and down the board.

9'6 longboards
Comparing the 9'6 in each model

Chose any one of these boards and we can guarantee that you’ll improve your session (and wave) count this summer.

We try our best to keep these models stocked all summer long, and we have other alternatives from other shapers as well.

Get in touch with a boardroom expert today to learn more, or see which one might fit your style.

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