Firewire Too Fish
A fishy offering from Rob Machado

We're a huge believer in Rob Machado's surfboard creations... so naturally we're psyched to get our hands on his all new fish.

An evolution of Rob's popular "Go Fish' model from 2017, updated with lessons he learned from the Seaside, this all new Too Fish model is built in Firewire Surfboards Helium Technology for light and lively response underfoot with significant durability improvements above other surfboard building methods given the use of aerospace deck skins on the top and bottom of the board, as well as a rail comprised of paulownia and balsa wood for controlled flex and rebound in turns. 

Here more about what Rob has to say about the new Too Fish model in the video below: 


How does the Too Fish compare to other fishy offerings by Rob? Glad you asked:

Compared to the Go Fish - It’s a lot quicker in the pocket compared to the Go Fish. The Too Fish doesn’t hold a rail quite as well as the Go Fish, but definitely much more maneuverable in the pocket.

Compared to Seaside - The Too Fish rides VERY different to the Seaside. The rails bury into the water further and allow for a tighter turn. It’s also easier to change direction back to the open face after a little down carve or cut back. The Too Fish pivots more like a shortboard. The seaside pivots more like an 80’s shortboard. A little more above the water and you need to wash the speed a bit for it to roll to the rail. Especially in the pocket.

The Too Fish is extremely fast and is very trustworthy in steeper surf. It likes to be in the pocket and has more bite in it than most other fishes. Works great in your standard shortboard volume, largely due to the wider tail. A performance fish that paddles like a dream. 

To get the most performance out of the Too Fish - surf the board off the tail (as far back as you can get!). If you're too far forward it will be fast and skatey, but will be tricky to push through a turn/get around. 

Of course no good surfboard is complete without the right set of fins, and the Too Fish is no exception. Rob designed a set of keel fins that pair perfectly with the Too Fish. 

They may or may not make you surf like Rob... 

Fully updated to suit Rob's latest preferences when surfing Keel Fins, the "Too Fish Keel" is a modernized version of the keel fin sets that Rob first earned an enthusiasm for in 2003, saying today twenty years later that "I've always loved the speed and drive of keel fins, but they can be too tracky at times, so with this new Too Fish keel fin set, I created something that was alive in the pocket and on the shoulder with extreme pivot capabilities. This means all the traditional feels of a keel are in this this set, but so is an enlivened turning ability not present in other keel fin sets."

The all new Too Fish Keels in a Firewire Too Fish! 

Firewire Too Fish Dimension

5'0"20 1/8"2 3/16"25.9L
5'2"20 5/16"2 1/4"27.8L
5'3"20 1/2"2 1/4"28.5L
5'4"20 11/16"2 5/16"30.0L
5'5"20 7/8"2 3/8"31.6L
5'6"21 1/16"2 7/16"33.2L
5'7"21 5/16"2 1/2"34.9L
5'8"21 9/16"2 9/16"35.5L
5'9"21 3/4"2 5/8"37.3L
5'11"22 1/8"2 11/16"38.0L
6'1"22 7/16"2 3/4"42.6L
6'3"22 5/8"2 7/8"46.2L

Both the Too Fish and the Too Fish Keels are available here at Warm Winds! Give us a shout to learn more, or swing by to get one under your arm! 

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