Firewire Mashup

The Firewire Mashup has finally landed here in Rhode Island - and it’s worth the hype!

The Firewire Mashup is a thoughtfully blended version of the Firewire Seaside and the Firewire Spitfire - two of our all time favorite models from Rob Machado and Dan Mann.

Comparing the boards, you can see in the diagram that the Mashup looks a fair bit narrower than the Seaside overall. The nose outline is modeled after the Seaside, just pulled in a bit. The mashup features a similar swallow tail, and the bottom contours in the bottom half of the board are very pronounced, similar to those of the Seaside.

You might also notice how similar the outline is to the Spitfire. In fact, the lower half of the board has almost the same curve. The mashup is just a bit fuller through the nose, which helps the board paddle and perform in weaker surf.

Dan Mann and Rob Machado put their minds together on this model, taking the best elements of each, and morphing them into a small wave missile. The team at Warm Winds is stoked on it!

First thoughts when looking at the Mashup’s outline is that it looks like a true hybrid shortboard.

A bit more pulled in than a traditional fish outline, but not quite as pulled in as a performance shortboard.

Let’s look under the hood and see what makes the board unique:

Wide point just forward of center

Keeping the board well balanced for catching waves + performing when you’re on you’re feet

Plenty of volume in the nose to help with paddle speed + catching waves

Double concave (inside single) bottom contour

The mashup features a unique double barrel concave through the bottom that sits inside a single concave.

This runs through most of the board, and transitions to a vee through the tail.

The result is a board that feels narrower and more responsive, increasing rail to rail maneuverability.

Tapered Step Rail

Similar to what we saw on the Spitfire, the Mashup has an aggressive “tapered” step rail through tail.

This decreases rail volume + clunkiness of a full rail, which ultimately increases performance.

Lean with confidence in and out of your turns

Low to Medium nose and tail rocker

This translates to more paddle power and easier time getting into waves

It’s not too flat either, so it can handle steeper drops + maneuver tight in the pocket

Durable and Lightweight

Firewire’s ultra light and durable construction, Helium 2.0.

Can’t go wrong with this tech.


The Firewire Mashup comes stock as a five fin configuration, so you can ride it the way you like.

All the crew at Firewire swears by a set of the Endorfin KS1 fins (in stock at the shop).

These are an upright fin template that keep the board feeling nice and loose, but still plenty of control when you’re in a critical part of the wave.

Regardless of the fins you go with, we suggest grabbing a 5 fin set.

Ride it as a quad when you want to maximize speed in weaker surf.

Toss in the thruster when the waves pick up or you’re planning on surfing a bit more top to bottom

The Result?

An ultimate everyday board that can hang in there when the waves reach head high, but can grovel through gutless New England surf with the best of them.

We recommend the Mashup to surfers who love riding their fish, but are interested in stepping things up a bit when it comes to performance.

It's user friendly and ready to rip!

Personally, I've been riding a Seaside for the better part of two years and absolutely love it. Really looking forward to grabbing a Mashup to switch things up a bit and have more control when the waves pick up.

Dims and Specs

But don’t just take our word for it. In Firewire’s new series “Rippers without stickers” - they seek mere mortals that surf well and have them test out some new equipment. To be honest, I can watch Rob Machado surf all day long... but he could also surf well on a window pane..

If you prefer to watch Rippers ‘with stickers’ - Here’s Kevin Schulz ripping small waves to pieces on the Mashup. Keep an eye on the speed he’s able to produce, even on these weak waves.

Grab a Mashup today!

Interested in learning more about the Mashup? Give us a shout to talk to one of our boardroom specialists

See what we have in stock by checking our surfboard inventory. If we sell out of the size you are looking for, let us know and we will get it on order for you!

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