Winter Wetsuits of 2020

Winter is getting close and we are here to shed some light on the new winter rubber for 2019-2020. We carry hundreds of wetsuits in our boardroom at all times - so we, literally, have you covered for every season.

We believe in carrying the best winter wetsuits available and helping you make the best decision on your next suit. The environment should not dictate performance when the waves are up - so it's important to have a proper fitting wetsuit that keeps you warm, but one that you can also move in!

We deal with some cold water up here in the Northeast. Rhode Island experiences one of the craziest fluctuations in water temperature compared to anywhere else in the world (from sub 36 in the winter to 75 in August!). For this reason we need to be dialed on our neoprene. Each of our boardroom staff surfs year round and have tried most of the below suits in some of the harshest RI conditions.

Trust us - we want to you have the best experiences while out surfing this winter... so we put this guide together to help cut through it all and tell you what really matters about each of these suits.

Don't miss the bottom of this page to see our top picks for winter wetsuits this year.

O'Neill Psychotech 5.5/4

Redesigned and better than ever - O'Neill's best winter wetsuit got beefed up a bit for fall 2019.

Built with O'Neill's famous techno butter neoprene, the Psychotech is lightweight and super stretchy, feeling much like a hooded 4/3, but toasty for the harshest winter conditions.

This is O'Neill's warmest winter suit on offer, with a smooth skin on the chest and back to keep that cold wind from piercing through.

The Psychotech has always been fully welded along the seams on the outside, and this year they beefed it up by adding internal taping as well. Double taped = waterproof and rugged seams. This thing is built to last!

With the added taping, comes a bit of price increase compared to last years Psychotech, going up in price $10. Well worth the extra seam strength.

Available in Men's + Women's sizes at Warm Winds

Technobutter 3

The stretchiest neoprene available as far as we have seen.

Double Taped Seams

GBS and double taped seams for added strength and durability.

TB Air Firewall

Air firewall keeps a layer of air in the suit for ultimate core insulation.


The Psychotech is O'Neill's warmest and stretchiest winter wetsuit to date - and with the added taping, it's built to last.



O'Neill Hyperfreak 5.5/4

NEW this year from O'Neill is the Hyperfreak 5/4. We are stoked on this suit!

The idea behind the Hyperfreak 5/4 is to have an even lighter 5 mil option in their winter suit range. Not quite as warm as the Psychotech without the smoothskin barrier - but for sure more flexible.

This suit does not feel like your wearing a winter wetsuit, even with the extra 0.5mm of thickness added on top of the 5/4.

Technobutter 3 through the entire suit, with a bit of extra flex in the arms and shoulders thanks to the technobutter 3x (pre-stretched lining for ultimate flexibility).

Minimal seams throughout the suit, all of which are glued and blind stitched with TB3x taping along the inside only.

One of the raddest things about this suit is the price - coming in under $400 for a premium winter wettie!

Available in Men's + Youth sizes at Warm Winds

Technobutter 3 + 3x

Stretchy TB3 neoprene, with TB3x in the shoulders and arms

Double Taped Seams

GBS and double taped seams for added strength and durability.

Minimal Seam Design

Decreasing the amount of seams makes the suit nice n' stretchy


The Hyperfreak is one of the lightest and most flexible winter wetsuits we've laid our hands on!



Rip Curl Flashbomb 5/4

One of the coziest winter wetsuits we have on offer, the Flashbomb is back and better than ever for 2019-2020.

This is one of the warmest and most comfortable winter wetsuits we have had in our lineup for the last several years, thanks to the patented Flash lining from ankle to hood. This lining is a super soft, wool-like fabric that leaves you feeling warm and comfy in the coldest temps.

It also dries super quick which is a plus. Who likes putting on a wet wetsuit in the morning when its 40 degrees out???

The Flashbomb has thin outer seam welding along the entire suit with internal taping as well - keeping the seams nice and durable.

We recommend this suit for folks who want the most warmth they can get, but don't want the weight of a heavy 6/5 on their backs.

And for those of you that get really, really cold… they make this suit in a 6/4 and its properly named the Heat Seeker Flashbomb!

Available in Men's + Youth sizes at Warm Winds

Double Taped

Thin outer welding and inner taping keep the suit nice and durable

Chest and Back Smoothie

Soft and flexible smoothskin on the chest and back for wind protection

Full Flash Lining

The comfy + warm flash lining is what makes this suit mental!


The Flashbomb is the most comfortable and warmest winter wetsuit we carry in the boardroom.



Rip Curl Dawn Patrol 5/4

The best bang for your buck winter wetsuit available... and it got a major upgrade this year. This 5/4 hooded winter suit is priced like a 4/3!

Not quite as warm or stretchy as the Flashbomb - but still a 5/4 that can get you through the winter on a budget. Trust us - you won't find any other wetsuits at this price point as stretchy and warm as this one.

One of the first things you'll notice when you pick this suit up is the improved jersey lining. It's insanely soft and very stretchy compared to last years version of the same suit.

The Dawn Patrol 5/4 is sealed with glued and blind stitched seams throughout the entire suit, and is taped with Ripcurl's E5 taping through 3/4 of the internal. A taped winter suit at this price point is mental!

This suit is perfect for someone who wants a good hooded suit for under $300.

Available in Men's + Youth sizes at Warm Winds

Flash Lining in Core

The warm flash lining is included in the chest and back panels

Back Smoothie

Soft and flexible smoothskin on the back of the suit for wind protection

Internal Taping

GBS seams with internal e5 taping for a bit of added strength


The Dawn Patrol 5/4 is an incredible value that will take you through a full RI winter for cheap.



Xcel Drylock X 5/4

The beefed up version the classic Xcel Drylock is stretchier and even more durable!

The suit is lined with the Xcel patented Celliant Black material, with its enhanced heat-retaining minerals to maintain warmth generated in the suit. The high pile lining runs on the inside of the suit from chest to knees.

Xcel also released their new jersey lining - called Channel Flex. This helps give you that nice unrestricted movement that we all want in a wetsuit. This new lining is on the entire outside of the suit - with the exception of the smoothskin barrier on the chest and back to prevent wind from cutting through the suit.

Nanoprene Lite Japanese Limestone neoprene, making it more eco-friendly than ever before.

The Drylock X is fully taped on the inside of the suit, and is also fully welded on the outside.

It's truly the most bomb-proof wetsuit we carry!

Available in Men's sizes at Warm Winds

Celliant Black Lining

Xcel's warmest lining, Celliant, lines 90% of the inside of the suit

Outer Welding

Welding along the outside of the suit for added strength and durability

Celliant Black Taping

Celliant black taping on the inside is a flexible and strong tape


The Xcel Drylock X is a tank! One of the most durable wetsuits got even stronger this winter.



Xcel Drylock 5/4

The tried and true classic Drylock is lighter and stretchier than previous versions. We've been carrying this suit for years - A favorite among New England surfers.

The suit features the new Xcel patented Celliant Black material in the core (chest and back) to keep you toasty.

Xcel's new Channel Flex is included on the shoulders and arms of the drylock, with their standard jersey through the rest of the suit. The Drylock X has this material all over the suit.

The suit is triple glued and blind stitched and then flex-taped internally to ensure a durable and flexible seam.

Available in Men's sizes at Warm Winds

Celliant Core Lining

Xcel's warmest lining, Celliant, lines the chest and back panels internally

Channel Flex Jersey

A more flexible jersey lining runs on the arms and shoulders

Internal Taping

GBS on the outside with Internal taping all over


The Xcel Drylock is one of the staple winter suits with incredible durability and warmth.



We realize that everyone is different. Some folks want the warmest suit, some want the lightest and stretchiest. And some people are just balling on a budget! We get it - that's why we chose our top winter wetsuits for each "category" below:




Rip Curl Flashbomb

Whether you are looking for the warmest 5/4 or 6/4, the Flashbomb (and Heatseeker) are once again the warmest suits we know of.



O'Neill Hyperfreak

Don't want to be boogged down by your winter wetsuit? The Hyperfreak will have you doing cartwheels in the water. For real!


Best Value

Rip Curl Dawn Patrol

This new upgraded Dawn Patrol is mental! A super soft outer jersey, full internal taping, and all for under 300 bones. What's better than that?

All of the suits mentioned above are available RIGHT NOW in Warm Winds boardroom. Give us a shout with any questions, or feel free to come by and get fitted for your next winter suit with one of our boardroom experts.