Sue Hogan: Proud Inductee to the East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame

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East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame at the Surf Expo 2010 in Orlando, Florida (Sue pictured on the Left)

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From L to R: Linda Peters, Karen Adams and Sue Hogan (1967)

Sue Hogan is a proud Rhode Islander and it shows in her contribution to the surfing east coast industry. This is why she is in her rightful place in the East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame.

Her Early Foray into Surfing

Just like most successful surfers, Sue benefited from having parents who encouraged her obsession with surfing. She was just 13 years old when she was bitten by the proverbial surfing bug!

After surfing more seriously in the summer of 63 using borrowed boards, her parents bought her first board - a Velzy 9'4" stock single fin. It didn’t take her long to cement her place among boys and men at the Narragansett Town Beach - showing them how its done.

It also helped that she was surfing with other surf greats namely Frankie Garceau, Pat McNulty and Charlie Johnson. That was a time when competitive female surfers in Narragansett were unheard of. Being in great shape and surfing with the best of them, she easily stood out.

Dominating the 60s

The 60's were a glory decade for east coast surfing. Sue dominated the female competition that was mostly no match to her skills and physical tools. Even with big and heavy longboards being the norm, Sue placed in every major contest that mattered, even winning a lot of them.

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Sue stopped competing when the surfing world transitioned from longboards to shortboards in the early 70's. But with her undeniable talent, and the itch for the sport, she was able to transition quite nicely and came back strong by 1976.

With the prodding of the New England Director of the Eastern Surfing Association at that time, she finally started competing again, winning her first competition back from her hiatus. She ended up undefeated that season in the New England surfing circuit.

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Sue surfing Monahans dock during the year 1985, one of the first women to surf the break. 

Coming Back with a Bang in 1977

Out of sight and out of mind, very few people took Sue Hogan seriously when she showed up at the 1977 East Coast Surfing Championships in Cape Hatteras. The surfing east coast circuit was bustling in her absence, and a lot of people have forgotten all about her. Imagine the dropped jaws as she tamed the heavy surf, easily dominating her competition.

By the end of the competition as she was announced as East Coast Women's Champion, surfers and fans alike were talking about Sue Hogan. Oh, how they remembered the name.

She skipped the 1978 East Coast Surfing Championships but she wasn’t done dominating the surfing east coast circuit. She came back to compete at the 1979 East Coast Surfing Championships after going undefeated in the New England circuit that year. She wasn’t about to let herself lose, and she came out on top once again, being crowned with the East Coast Women's title for the 2nd time in just 3 years.

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Not Just an East Coast Legend

She wasn’t just some local east coast surfing legend. In her first United States Championship in Texas – her first national competition – after her first East Coast Women’s title, she placed an impressive 3rd in the Open Women’s Final!

Induction to the East Coast Surfing Legends Hall of Fame

On January 15th, 2010, South Kingston’s very own Sue Hogan finally became a part of the East Coast Surfing Legends Hall of Fame. Widely-recognized as one of the best female surfers of all time, not many female East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame members can match her contributions to the sport.

She transcended her contemporaries during the 60's. She’s one of the few surfers who can boast dominance with both the longboard and the shortboard.

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East Coast Surfing Legends Hall of Fame Class - 2010

Below is a slideshow of all of the 2010 inductees, including Sue Hogan, courtesy of another east coast surfing legend and hall of fame inductee, Joe McGovern (RIP)