Sneak Peak @ New Boards for 2019!

Surfboard manufacturers are once again stepping up their game this year...

The Warm Winds crew headed south for the annual Surf Expo in Orlando earlier this month, and let me tell you there were no shortage of killer new surfboards to drool over.

Amidst all the chaos, we sniffed out our favorites for 2019 and are psyched to share them with you.

These boards will all be available at the shop soon - so if you see one that you like give us a shout to reserve one!

Before we get into it... We are psyched to announce that we will be bringing back Warm Winds boards this year - 100% handmade in the US! Getting back to our roots. The shapes we are going to have are still on the down low - but they are going to be reminiscent of some of our early models....stay tuned....

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Also >> If you find yourself lost, or are unfamiliar with some of the terms we use, check out our glossary page.

Firewire surfboards


Hands down the best "alternative technology" surfboards in the world - and also some of the most sustainable boards currently being built. Firewire has one of the best teams of both shapers and athletes, and their company values are definitely something that we resonate with. Firewire is always coming out with new/unique ways to reduce their footprint - constantly coming out with new techniques for reducing the waste and emissions of their manufacturing process.

We were stoked on the new shapes the guys came out with this year, but these boards in particular were our favorites.

Shapers: Dan Mann (who is THE man!!), Rob Machado


From the mind that brought you the Potato series (Sweet potato, Potatonator, Baked Potato) and plenty of other killer boards. Dan Mann built the No Brainer to be a board that anyone can surf.

You might be thinking that all of his models are fairly easy to surf - but this ones a bit different. It's the kind of board that an advanced surfer can grovel on - but the same time it's a board that any level surfer could ride in small to medium sized surf.

The No Brainer is a stubby swallow tail shortboard, with the wide point pushed slightly back compared to Dan's other popular shapes. It's got plenty of width under chest to make paddling easy, and pulls in at the tail to give the board a bit more grip and maneuverability.

According to Dan, "The bottom contour is a made up of a subtle belly v in the nose that goes into a moderate single concave under chest . Within the single concave is a double concave running nearly the entire length of the board. Even through the fins. But in the last five or so inches the board turns into a spiral V. Because since I've been working with Kelly over the last year, I've learned that V is something really critical to him in most of his shapes"

The board comes stock with a 5-fin option, but looks like it will excel as a quad.

No Brainer


Another new model from Dan Mann - this is the board that Kelly is specifically stoked on this year, and it actually has a pretty unique story behind it - listen here.

The FRK is a performance board that is going to be Kelly's go to for the world tour in 2019. The board was specifically designed for Kelly - but Kelly didn't surf it at all for 2 years after it was shaped for him.

Kelly hopped on it in 2017 and fell in love with it just before a contest at J Bay, where he decided that the board was a keeper. He rode the shape in countless more video parts and key events.

The FRK is a high performance shape featuring a pulled in nose and round tail, with single to double concave running through the back half of the board. This board is meant to be ridden in quality surf by a quality surfer.

Dan Mann says "This board and why it works is a culmination of a career's worth of work and study of surfing and surfboard shape, materials and process."



We saw a similar board at last year's surf expo, but were especially stoked to see this incredible new technology in one of our favorite new shapes from Firewire.

The idea behind Firewire's new "Woolight" technology is that instead of resorting to completing the board with fiberglass, which carries a a significant carbon footprint to produce. The Wool composite technology was invented by Paul Barron of Barron Surfboards and was developed with the New Zealand Merino Company.

The new materials will make the boards lighter and more flexible, and ultimately will help create speed.


Other short board models we currently carry from Firewire include: Greedy Beaver, Seaside, Go Fish, Cymatic, Sci-Fi, SKX, Baked Potato, Chumlee, Dominator, Spitfire, and the Evo.

A bit more exciting news for all of you Dominator lovers out there... We will see an updated version this year..



These guys need no introduction.. with all of the top world tour athletes riding the boards as well as local surf breaks completely dominated by Lost surfboards, Lost has been on top for years. They show no signs of slowing after seeing their offering for 2019, with so many killer new shapes it was hard to choose which ones we liked the best.

Shaper:Matt "Mayhem" Biolos


This is the board that we are MOST stoked about this year out of everything we've seen so far.

The Evil Twin by Lost Surfboards is a fully convertible mash up between a twin fin and a single fin, designed for the post-modern retro surf world.

The Evil Twin features a Mark Richards inspired flat deck, with steep/tucked soft rails, combined with a shallow single concave thru the center. The board has low tail rocker with deep double concave vee, which works killer with a round pin tail - balancing speed and control.

The widepoint is forward with a low entry rocker, giving the Evil Twin effortless glide and paddle power.

But perhaps the most unique thing about this board is the elevated "e-wing" built into the tail of the board, just behind the side twin fins. The elevated wing works well with parallel outlines allowing increased lateral speed, then drastically reducing surface area in the tail to control and carry the speed into tight radius turns. Positioned by the back foot the e-wings add forgiveness, control, and ease of turning into a relatively wide, high volume, flat rocker board.

This thing is going to go bonkers in just about anything RI can throw at you.

Ride it as a single, single with forward side bites, twin fin, twin fin with trailer, or a thruster. TONS of versatility.

Lost even provides a fiberglass single fin and also a trailer fin with the purchase of the board - developed by Futures Fins exclusively for the Evil Twin.

Evil Twin


We saw a similar board at last year's surf expo (shown in last years post), but were especially stoked to see this incredible new technology in one of our favorite new shapes from Firewire.

The idea behind Firewire's new "Woolight" technology is that instead of resorting to completing the board with fiberglass, which carries a a significant carbon footprint to produce. The Wool composite technology was invented by Paul Barron of Barron Surfboards and was developed with the New Zealand Merino Company.

The new materials will make the boards lighter and more flexible, and ultimately will help create speed.



Another take on one of the most popular grovel boards in the world - the Lost Puddle Jumper.

The Puddle Jumper HP Round adds a new larger wave performance to what the Puddle Jumper HP (squash) is known for - built-in speed, fast but loose, precise but playful small to medium wave weapon.

The Lost Puddle Jumper HP Round is an easy paddling, easy riding board with the ability to handle more powerful, punchy, and larger surf than the previous PJ series. The rounded tail makes the board more effective when the surf is up, but does not limit the playfulness when the waves are on the small side.

The foil of the board was thinned out a bit on the rails and in the tail, making it a bit lower volume than the previous PJ HP model. For this reason you would want to ride the PJ HP Round 1 - 2" bigger than your PJ HP.

This board could be a killer 1-board quiver for Rhode Island!!


Other short board models we currently have in stock from Lost include: Baby Buggy, V3 Rocket, Quiver Killer poly + Carbon Wrap, Psycho Killer poly + Carbon Wrap, Puddle Jumper round, Puddle Jumper HP, Puddle Fish, RNF Retro, MR 1980 Pro Twin Carbon Wrap, and the Round Nose Fish Redux.

Also, if you haven't seen it yet - scope out the new technology Lost is using in some of their models, called C4. This new take on the C3 technology looks clean, is super durable, and has an incredible feel underfoot.



These guys have continued to impress us with their clean performance shortboards - and it's no wonder that the best surfer in the world, John John Florence, chooses to ride boards shaped by John Pyzel. If you haven't had the chance to get one of these things under your arm, do yourself a favor and scope one out.

Shaper: John Pyzel


Another sick performance surfboard designed to give you all of the advantages of a wider, forward outlined type of board but in a more streamlined package. The widepoint is pushed up to center vs the popular Ghost model, with a bit more of a pulled in nose and a touch more rocker - keeping it a bit more free during critical turns.

The board also has a subtle hip just before the pulled in squash tail, helping to tighten the turning radius and add some extra spark. The tail rocker and bottom contours are nearly identical to another popular board in the Ghost family, the Phantom. This combination of bottom contour and tail rocker have been proven to work in everyday conditions worldwide.

The foil of the board is a bit different than your traditional high performance short boards, with a bit more beef in front of the center but not overly exaggerated. This added foam helps with paddle power and also gives you a bit more float under your front foot, helping with speed and flow in slow sections on the wave.

Ride this board about an inch longer than your height.


Other short board models we currently have in stock from Pyzel include: The Ghost, Phantom, Slab 2.0, Pyzalien, and the Nugget.



These guys were not down at surf expo, BUT, they did come by the shop recently with a new board for 2019 that we are STOKED on! These guys make an unbelievable PU board, and their EPS technology, dubbed HYFI, look and feel mental.

Shaper: Jason Stevenson


The Blak Box has been around for quite some time. We brought in the Blak Box 1 years and years ago, and it was one of our best selling boards from JS - competing hand in hand with the CI Dumpster diver as a small wave weapon.

After a bit of a hiatus, we are stoked to bring back the Blak Box DNA this year, with the new Blak Box 3!

The new Blak Box 3 is all about easy acceleration and glide, and to achieve this JS gave it more planning area in the nose and extra foam under the chest.

To control and play with all the added speed, the wide point was moved forward to create a slightly straighter outline compete with a pulled in swallow tail. This provides smooth rail to rail movement and extra drive and angles of attack to choose from.

The rocker is overall low and is also fairly flat through the center, giving the board increased paddle power and glide (just what we need in New England with all the rubber we have to wear).

Single concave on the bottom through the nose running into a double concave starting forward of the fins. This directs water under your feet to maintain lift, speed, and maneuverability.

This performance hybrid can be ridden anywhere in New England when the waves are waist high and up.


Other short board models we currently have in stock from JS include: The Monsta Box and the Psycho Nitro (both in HYFI construction)



We are always super impressed when we see Marcio's work. His shapes and attention to detail are second to none, and his boards feel as good as anything available on the market right now. It's no wonder that one of the best surfers in the world, Felipe Toledo, can't get enough of his boards. Sharpeye also just signed Kanoa Igarashi!

Shaper: Marcio Zouvi


This board looks so sick.

Taking the Modern 2 (swallow tail), the Modern 2.5 has the same rocker and thickness distribution, but Marcio changed the outline to add a wing pin tail and carved a double concave bonzer bottom above the fins. The wing creates a release point in the tail while also decreasing volume - therefore making the board turn tighter and more precise.

The idea for these tweaks were to keep the excellent paddling and small wave versatility that the Modern 2 offered, but add more drive and maneuverability to the 2.5.

Another model that can be ridden a huge variety of surf her on the east coast.

This board will be available in poly as well as Surftech's dual core and E2 constructions.


Other short board models we currently have in stock from Sharpeye include: The Disco Cheater (poly), Modern 2 (Dual-core + E2 Tech), and the Disco Inferno (Dual-core tech).



After meeting Hayden a few times here and there - we have learned that there aren't many shapers around as dialed with board design as Hayden. He not only has a deep understanding for the science behind fluid dynamics and surfboard design, he also has the ability to explain why he designs his boards a certain way that is easy to understand and also gets you STOKED to try one out. He's been incredibly successful with the release of the Hypto Krypto, our best selling short board of all time, and we are psyched some of his newer models. In particular one that was released a little while ago...

Shaper: Hayden Cox


The Holy Grail Outline has been designed to bring more performance with a better fit in the tighter areas of the wave. This is achieved by narrowing the nose width but extending the length of the rail line ahead of your front foot, giving you a longer or greater connection for carving but added curve to ensure it will fit in the tighter curves of the wave.

Bringing more surface area to the tail area of the board was also introduced to increase planing speed in smaller flatter waves. The key feature of the tail plan shape is the side cut (inverted outline) which introduces a aggressive curve to the rail line of the board affecting your surfing when on rail and late in your turns. This contrasts the flatter rocker profile which is designed to give a very fast and continuous speed profile to the board.

The Holy Grail Rocker has been design to ensure it retains the speed and familiar feel to the Hypto Krypto using the same large radius or flatter curve (for continuous speed). The increase in tail lift has been designed to compensate for the wider block on the tail plan shape. It’s entry rocker is very similar to retain the best paddle power, although there is added curve 12” back from the nose to improve the fit in the tighter curves of the wave.

I was lucky enough to demo one of these boards last year, and rode it in a variety of waves. What I was most impressed with was how the board paddled and caught waves like a groveler, but had the sensitivity and hold that made it feel like a tuned up high performance board. Overall it was a user friendly hybrid that works in mostly anything New England has to offer. Fans of the Hypto Krypto should DEFINITELY try one of these.


Other short board models we currently have in stock from Hayden Shapes include: The Hypto Krypto

There you have it - our picks for our favorite new boards for 2019. Most of these models we will have in stock by early spring... some even before that.

If there is any model that you are interested in, or if your interested in the dimensions of a particular model - don't hesitate to give us a shout with any questions.