Reinventing the Surfboard Leash

Over the past few decades the surf industry has gone through some unbelievable progression with the gear that we use everyday in and out of the water. Whether it is surfboard technology and construction, insanely flexible board shorts, or traction pads made out of algae - we have seen some innovative new products. However, one category that we have not seen much change since the early days despite being pretty crucial to your everyday surf, is the Surfboard leash. Sure there have been plenty of different types of leashes produced - some with a small weight on the cord to prevent tangle, some with thinner cords to make them light, and some with better swivel than others - but we have not seen any changes or innovations that got us excited. Until now....

FCS has just released what they call the "Freedom Leash" - one of the biggest innovations in leash technology since the leash loop! The first thing you will notice is the cord - made out of a high tensile nylon yarn braided over an internal polyurethane cord. This makes it thinner, stronger, and lighter than a traditional urethane cord. In addition to the new cord, every other feature on the leash (from the ankle strap to the ??) have been fine tuned to make them more hydrodynamic, reducing the overall weight and the number of potential break points experienced with traditional leashes.

According to the guys over at FCS - "The new FCS Freedom leash is not only lighter and stronger, but also reduces the amount of tangling and drag, ultimately giving the surfer more freedom to perform at their best." Scope the video below for a better visual on how this leash was built and to watch Kolohe Andino, Mason Ho, and Julian Wilson rip with a freedom leash!