Lost Rocket Redux

The Lost Rocket has been a staple in the Lost surfboards lineup since the original Rocket was released in 2009. The shape was developed with pro surfer Shane Beschen and former Lost shaper Noah Budroe, originally as a board for Shane’s young son. Once Shane hopped on the rocket and felt the speed, he was hooked. 

After a few years of R&D and the release of the Lost’s epic video “5’5 Redux”, the Rocket was released to the public shortly after and became a global hit because of its small wave prowess and ease of use for both pros and bros. 

10 years later, we have an all new Rocket for the new generation to enjoy. The all new Rocket Redux is now available at Warm Winds, with all of the best elements of the original Rocket, and dressed up with some modern improvements to make it more versatile. 

This thing is a missile! 

Below: Vintage (2009) footage of the Shane Beschen, Chris Ward, Aaron Cormican, and Jordy Smith riding the very first Rocket



Small Wave Performance

The Rocket Redux has a good amount of nose volume despite it’s performance look. This, coupled with a low entry rocker, helps the board paddle like a dream and maintains speed when you put your weight forward on the board. 

The board maintains an overall wide outline throughout, with all of that added surface area keeping it stable under your feet, even when the waves lack power. 

The added width in the tail keeps the rail line pretty straight through the back half, which is great for speed and hold when you are driving down the line to beat a section or make a barrel. 

You’ll also notice the unique “rocket” tail - which is sort of reminiscent of a bat tail mixed with a round tail. This gives the board release at the little “wings” to help with quick maneuvers, while not sacrificing the hold that comes with a straight tail outline.

To balance the low entry rocker and wide outline, Biolos added a bit more rocker in the tail when compared to the OG, which allows quicker turning and a tighter fit in the pocket.

Odoo CMS - a big picture


The Business End

Deep concave balances out the wide tail, allowing you to work off the tail and turn the board hard and fast - which is usually tricky with wider tailed shortboards. The result is plenty of  lift and responsiveness underfoot. 

The Rocket Redux comes stock as a 5-fin setup in both Futures and FCS II.  As far as fin setup recommendations, we suggest riding as a thruster to get a good feel for the board. This will give you a nice balance of speed and pivot, allowing you to put the board into the spots you want and hold when the waves start pushing. 

In the rare event that you need extra speed, then toss the quad in and this thing will be a missile! 

We recommend pairing this board with the Mayhem fin template, available at the shop in both FCS and Futures. This fin offers a lively combination of speed, hold, and maneuverability.  Perfectly balanced fin for most conditions that you’ll bring the Rocket Redux into. 

Odoo CMS - a big picture


An Everyday Board

What makes the Rocket Redux a great New England board is it's versatility.

The Rocket Redux can handle waves that are sub waist high and mushy, and can be pushed into slightly overhead and steep surf with confidence. For those of us that live and surf in New England, that pretty much sums up our range of conditions. We do get the occasional 1' overhead plus days, but let's be realistic... those days are few and far between.

Below: Watch Mason Ho and family pushing the Rocket Redux into some solid Hawaiian surf. 



Let's Get Down To Brass Tacks

If you’re looking for a performance shortboard that accels in sub par conditions - than get your hands on a Rocket Redux. 

Compared to other similar style boards, the Lost Rocket Redux can be surfed a bit more aggressively. For that reason, we recommend it to the surfer that is looking to catch waves easier, while riding a board that can be surfed top to bottom and respond as a performance board should in everyday conditions. 

The Rocket Redux is a great 1-board quiver option for the Northeast.



Straight From the Horse's Mouth

“Before mass media marketeers played Hypto-Crypto with your mind, making you believe in the Sci-Fi that Ghosts and Monstas were more than just Average Joes, Diving through Dumpsters along the Seaside… there was The ROCKET!… and we ain’t talking 9 or Wide.  Before Instagram and the endless charade of social media surfboard model marketing melted our minds, real word of mouth made one little board iconic throughout the surfing world…. The ROCKET. “

Birthed from a broken blank and the brains of Beschen (Shane) and Budroe, the original Rocket was to simply be a board for baby Beschen (Noah) to learn on. Once ridden by Shane, everything changed, and he felt compelled to bring us his fabulous find to be refined.  Happy accidents have been a staple of surfboard progression, since the beginning.  As we started fine tuning and building them for the boys, we knew were had something special.  Fast forward a year, and the 2009 video release of “5’5 Redux”.  The ROCKET was a star of the show, ridden by a parade of guest rippers cutting loose on the little weapon.  From Bros to Pros, The ROCKET was soon a global hit, being enjoyed by surfers of all shapes, sizes and skill sets.  Now, more than a decade after its initial release, the ROCKET returns.  A re-incarnated Redux for the new generation to enjoy another run of fun… The ROCKET REDUX

We’ve strived to retain all the original ROCKET design details and magic:

The extremely low and fast entry rocker, counterbalanced by a hyper-extended tail curve, for instantaneous down the line drive and playfully precise turning.  The deepest of concaves, created by a straight centerline stringer and a curvaceous rail rocker lends lift and liveliness.  The wide tail and parallel, bullet like, outline provides plenty of speed and hold. The hooked diamond “Rocket” tail adds bite and hold in firm, rear footed carves.

While the ROCKET REDUX stays true to the original ROCKET, to bring a serious performance boost we’ve:

Refined and cleaned curves, made the rails a bit more refined, and updated some details just enough to keep up with the things we’ve learned since. 

Odoo CMS - a big picture