Firewire Cymatic and Moonbeam

A couple of new models from our friends at Firewire surfboards just landed - and we are stoked to tell you about it. First off, if you haven't gotten your feet on a Firewire we suggest you give it a try. Sure - its a different tech than you might be used to if you've only surfed poly boards, but we can promise you that they feel great under your feet and do not have that chattery feel that often gets paired with epoxy surfboards. More importantly - THEY WORK!

Firewire has been pushing the limits on surfboard design and construction over the past decade?, driven to create boards that not only work and are more durable, but that are also eco-friendly and have a significantly smaller carbon footprint than their polyester cousins. Firewire is also pledging to be a completely waste free surfboard manufacturer by the year 2020. We are pretty psyched on this initiative from Firewire, and you should be too! It might sound cliche, but as surfers we rely on a healthy planet and healthy oceans for our quality of life - and therefore we should always be thinking of ways we can reduce our waste and CO2 footprint. Learn more about the sustainable surf movement here. OK - enough about that - lets jump into these boards.


We mentioned the Cymatic in our recent sneak peak post - and since then we've been dying to go into more detail on the latest from the minds of Daniel Thompson and Kelly Slater. Now that we are fully stocked on this model - lets check out what makes this board so unique.

If your familiar with the Firewire lineup - you may notice some design traits on this board that look familiar. The Cymatic by Slater Designs blends the best features of the Sci-Fi and Omni, and also adds several new twists. First off, the Cymatic features the Sci-Fi's "double wing bat tail" , narrowed a bit with increased tail rocker - which is going to make the Cymatic quick and responsive through turns and allow tighter angle turns. The wings through the tail give the board a release point through the straight rail - giving you a pivot point from your back foot. The double bat tail is a low drag template - that pulls the tail in and gives it a "clawing" affect in the water so it holds through radical turns. The tail is complemented by a quad concave running into a channel out the tail - increasing grip and flow. Tomo describes it as a real step forward in performance bottoms.

Another feature of the board that keeps it quick and responsive is the lack of surface area in the nose - taken from the Omni. The board carries a ton of front foot speed and drive with very little resistance under the front foot allowing you to fly down the line and perform radical, tight turns. With a fuller nose you can ride the board shorter due to added volume, thus creating a shorter nose for added maneuverability.

Although the Cymatic outline screams groveler (small wave board), it actually works in a wide variety of waves due to the complex design features. Therefore - Firewire is calling the Cymatic a go-to shortboard in 3 to 8 foot waves. The Cymatic comes in Firewire's Linear Flex Technology (LFT).


The second model that we are super stoked about this year is the Moonbeam - designed by the kind of style himself.. Rob Machado. Unless you've been living under a rock last year, chances are you have heard of one or both his swallow tail surfboards - a retro style fish appropriately named the Go Fish and a modern/more versatile take on the swallow tail called the Midas. The Moonbeam is another "fish" style shortboard - that takes a few elements from the Midas. The nose template on the Moonbeam is similar to the Midas, wide and full, giving the board increased paddle power for getting into weak waves, and tons of speed to get through tough sections. Rob decided to increase the nose rocker slightly on the Moonbeam - giving you the opportunity to cut sharper angles on the Moonbeam without hanging up or bogging the nose.

Another important detail of the Moonbeam is the infamous Rob Machado "Board Eat Board" concave built into the bottom of the board, which is Rob's uncommon approach to enhancing speed without losing responsiveness. The ideas is that you have two boards working in your favor. The inside outline create a flat bottom concave that runs all the way off the tail, while the two side panels that run down each rail change from concave to flat to vee, while still maintaining a deep single concave that runs down the middle. The tail is also features increased rocker vs the Midas creating a responsive and highly maneuverable feeling under foot.

The Moonbeam is another board that can be considered all around - though it excels in smaller/weak surf. Firewire recommends riding it in 2 - 6 foot surf. The Moonbeam is available in Firewire's Linear Flex Technology (LFT).

Both of these boards are available now in the shop. Feel free to give us a call or email [email protected] with any questions!