Explore our Fall Wetsuit Collection

The world of wetsuits for surfing is vast and constantly changing. Unless you’re like us and nerd out over new wetsuit technology, chances are you might have missed some of the newest advancements in warmth, stretch, and durability.  

No worries, that’s why we put together this quick rundown! We talk you through our favorite fall wetsuits from two of the most premium wetsuit companies in the world - Rip Curl and O’Neill. 

Whether it’s your first wetsuit or your fifteenth, this should give you the info you need to feel confident with your next wetsuit purchase for cold, East Coast waves. 

Water Temps in New England

We get this question all the time, so before I start let’s get it out of the way…

How far into the fall will this suit [3/2 or 4/3] take me?

There’s really no definite answer. Everyone’s body runs differently, and some folks have more "insulation" than others. 

Ocean temperatures up here in New England can vary per state, so let’s consider water temps in Rhode Island: 

Odoo • A picture with a caption
Average water temperatures in Narragansett, Rhode Island

You’ll notice we have a pretty wide variety of water temps in the Ocean State. Almost a swing of 40 degrees in 6 months! 

Knowing what suit to wear for a given swell is crucial to maximizing your comfort in the water and upping your wave count. 


A 3/2 wetsuit is good in water temps down to about 60 degrees. So, in Rhode Island, a 3/2 will carry you thru at least the middle of October. 

A 4/3 wetsuit is good in water temps from about 60 degrees down to around 50 degrees. In Rhode Island, a good 4/3 wetsuit will carry you from mid-October thru most of December (if it’s a mild winter). 

As water temps drop, you will need to consider booties, gloves, and a hood to pair with your 3/2 or 4/3 wetsuit. 

I usually put my 3mm booties on when the water temps drop to 60 degrees or so (October in RI), and then jump into 5mm once the water drops below 50. 

My 3mm Gloves will go on once the water temps drop closer to 56-58 degrees depending on the day (November). 

Now that you have an idea of what suit you need to extend your season, let’s get into some of our boardroom staffs favorite wetsuits available now.

O’Neill Hyperfreak 3/2 + 4/3

Available in Men’s and Women’s sizing

Lightweight and flexible

  • Zipless entry + minimal seam design
  • Technobutter 3x in the shoulders + arms
  • Technobutter 3 in the lower body
  • Feather light ENVY foam rubber
  • TB3x internal taped seams

Brass Tacks: This wetsuit is the closest thing to surfing naked available on the market. Seriously, it feels like you're wearing nothing! Not quite as warm as some of the others (without a smoothskin for wind protection), but it makes up for it with flexibility. 

Odoo • A picture with a caption
O'Neill Mutant and the O'Neill Hyperfreak

O’Neill Mutant 4.5/3.5

Available in Men’s sizing

One of the most versatile wetsuits on the market. 

  • Interchangeable hood and collar
  • Technobutter 3x in upper body
  • Technobutter 3 in the lower body
  • Wind proof smooth skin
  • Welded outer seams

Brass Tacks: The O’Neill Mutant is (and always has been) one of O’Neill’s most versatile suits. The ability to remove the hood on those warmer days and rock the neck piece is what separates this suit from others. This suit can extend your 4/3 season even further. 

Ripcurl E-Bomb 3/2 + 4/3

Available in Men’s sizing and Women's sizing (G-bomb)

Flexible and extra buttery!

  • Zipless entry
  • Minimal seam design for added flexibility
  • High stretch E6 neoprene
  • Glued + Blindstiched seams
  • Internal spot taping at  high stress points

Brass Tacks: The all new E6 neoprene from Ripcurl is insane. Flexible as hell and super soft... you'll never want to take the thing off.  

Odoo • A picture with a caption
Ripcurl Flashbomb and the Ripcurl E-Bomb/G-bomb

Ripcurl Flashbomb 4/3

Available in Men’s sizing

By far the warmest 4/3 wetsuit we carry 

  • Comfy flash lining from neck to toe
  • Chest zip entry
  • Wind blocking smooth skin on chest and back
  • Welded outer seams
  • Internal spot taping at  high stress points

Brass Tacks: If you are someone who gets cold easily, but don’t want to resort to a bulky winter suit, the Flashbomb is for you. The wool-type lining throughout the suit not only keeps you super toasty, it also dries much faster than traditional suits. There’s nothing worse than tossing on a wet wettie for an early morning dawn patrol.

Surfin' on a Budget

Does all of that sound great, but you just don’t have the cash? We got you! 

Here are a few options that are not only great wetsuits, but will leave you with a few extra bucks for that post surf Acai bowl. 

Ripcurl Dawn Patrol 3/2 + 4/3

Available in Men’s and Women's sizing

Great value with a balance of warmth and durability

  • Available in chest zip and back zip
  • Flexible E5 neoprene
  • Flash lining in the core
  • Internal E5 seam taping thru the lower half
  • Smooth skin on the back to reduce wind chill

Brass Tacks: If you're looking for a great entry level wetsuit, or just aren't looking to spend too much - the Rip Curl Dawn Patrol is a staple suit. Unbelievable value. 

Odoo • A picture with a caption
The Ripcurl Dawn Patrol and O'Neill Epic wetsuits.

O'Neill Epic 3/2 + 4/3

Available in Men’s and Women's sizing

High end feel with a wallet friendly price 

  • Available in chest zip and back zip
  • UltraFlex neoprene throughout
  • Glued + blindstitched with internal spot taping
  • Smooth skin along the chest and back.

Brass Tacks: Tried and true, the O'Neill Epic has been in the line forever, and rightly so. A soft and comfy wetsuit at a low price point. Win WIn

Youths Dem Cold, too!

Any Richie Spice fans out there?

If you’re reading this and wondering what we have available for the groms, we’re sorry you had to scroll down this far!

Not to worry we have the kids covered with a great selection of 4/3 and 3/2 wetsuits. 

Here are our two favorites, both having the same features you see above, but shrunken down a bit…

Odoo • A picture with a caption