Algae Foam Traction Pads

These have been out for a little while - so if you have seen it before it may be old news. But if you have not heard, Firewire and Slater Designs in collaboration with Bloom Foam are making traction pads for your surfboards made out of Algae foam! The most environmentally friendly traction pad on the market. Traditional traction pads are often built using and EVA type foam, made out of non-renewable resources such as plastic and oil based products among other things. Here's how Bloom and Slater Designs are reinventing the traction category with this new product.

Bloom has figured out to turn algae, which grows all over the world in ponds, lakes, streams, etc. into a building material of the future.

According to Bloom - the foam used for the traction pads are created by collecting algae from waterways that are at risk for algae blooms - which are ecologically harmful. By collecting algae out of these waterways, Bloom is helping to mitigate the negative environmental effects caused by an overabundance of algae, as well as mitigating the negative environmental effects caused by the over abundance of algae. See the illustration below from Bloom's website below:

We are stoked that the surf industry has begun to take action to make our sport more sustainable. Whether it is building traction pads out of algae, building surfboards out of sustainably grown paulownia wood glassed with bio-resin, or up-cycling all of the waste from surfboard manufacturing and turning it into paving stones, Firewire is pushing the surfboard industry in a new direction.

Want to get your hands on one of these pads? We are loaded up at the shop - come by and check them out!