10 Surf Films for Quarantine

Covid-19 has got us all hunkered down at home - keeping us out of the water and fiending for ways to satisfy that surfing itch!

To help you get your fix, our team put together a list of our 10 favorite surf films/clips that should keep you satisfied… at least for a little while. 

Sit back, grab your favorite beverage, and enjoy! 


Film by Andrew Kaineder - 2019

Featuring: Russel Bierke

This is one of the best films to come out in 2019. This O’Neill joint features big wave surfer Russel Bierke throwing himself over the edge and into some massive caverns. Flow State will take you an audiovisual journey, as Russ pushes his own boundaries.



Film by Jamie O'Brien - 2020

Featuring: Jamie O'Brien and friends

If you’re looking for some pure surfing entertainment - enter the Who Is J.O.B. web series/vlogs. Jamie (who just won the 2019-2020 Wave of the Winter) lives on the North Shore of Hawaii, and is arguably one of the best surfers to ever surf Pipeline (of course under Gerry Lopez).  The series follows JOB around the world to some of the best waves on the planet. The below video is one of our favorites from this year - a HEAVY day at pipe. A good jumping off point!



Film by Kai Neville - 2011

Featuring: Dion Agius, Owen Wright, Craig Anderson, Jordy Smith, Dane Reynolds, Evan Geiselman, Connor Coffin, Kolohe Andino, Julian Wilson, Dusty Payne, Yadin Nichol, Wade Goodall, John John FLorence, Mitch Coleburn, Chippa Wilson & Dillon Perillo

This is one of our favorite high performance surfing films, which goes without saying looking at that athlete lineup! This 2011 film has some incredible surfing with a killer soundtrack. If you’re a fan of high performance aerial surfing - it is a must see. 



Film by Jack McCoy - 1990

Featuring: Mark “Occy” Occhiupoo, Richie Collins, Ronnie Burns, Munga + the rest of Billabong team

This vintage surf video is a staple! One of the best soundtracks and some vintage Occy absolutely ripping in France, you really can’t go wrong. Filmed in Indonesia, Africa, Hawaii, and Europe.



Film by John John Florence - 2020

Featuring: John John Florence, Nathan Florence, and friends

Vela is a new series that follows JJF and friends as they sail and surf around the Hawaiian Islands. It explains John John's love for the ocean and sailing, and follows along as they gear up for an open ocean sail for the first time. A little different than your typical surf flick, but sick nonetheless! Below is the first of four videos



Film by Stirling Howland, Mike Calvino and others - 2011

Featuring: Many of the best big waves surfers in the world

Code Red is the story of a massive swell that hit Tahiti during the 2011 Billabong Pro. With the forecast calling for unprecedented surf, they put the contest on hold and some of the world’s best surfers took the challenge of conquering a very angry Teahupoo…



Film by Vissla - 2019

Featuring: Derrick Disney, Cam Richards, Eric Geiselman, Bryce Young, Noa Mizuno, and countless others

Rolling review is jam packed with a mix of stylish surfing from Vissla’s heavily talented and well rounded team. The film features all sorts of surf craft with a variety of fin configurations in some of the best waves in the world. 



Film by Thomas Campbell - 2005

Featuring: Joel Tudor, CJ Nelson, Devon Howard, Mark Cunningham, Dan Malloy, Gerry Lopez, Dave Rastovich, among many others.

This 2005 film was shot entirely using 16mm film.  Sprout is one of our favorite alternative surf craft videos - featuring some of the world's best surfers riding eggs, fishes, traditional longboards, and modern shortboards. If you haven’t seen this yet - it's worth the watch.



Film by Rip Curl - 2019

Featuring: Mick Fanning and Mason Ho

It’s no contest that Mason Ho is one of the most entertaining surfers to watch right now. Pair Mason with 3 time world champion Mick Fanning, and you get 18 minutes of some of the best surfing you will ever see. Watch as they search for waves (and score) in Indonesia. 



Film by Pure Digital Maui - 2017

Featuring: Some ripping locals

This is a random video we stumbled upon recently featuring raw surf video of a near perfect lineup in Maui. There is some great surfing in here and some FUN looking waves. We recommend tossing this on in the background while your working or just hanging out with the family.